Developed for artists at all levels, 22Atelier offers artists a platform for further development of their work in the center of Lisbon [known for its amazing light]. Residencies take place in an atmosphere steeped in the creativity and calm of a southern European city. Presentation of the artists’ work and connections to Lisbon’s art network are an integral part of the residency program.


The program is recurring throughout the year, and can last anywhere up to 3 months. It is aimed at national and international artists who want to develop their artistic practice whilst enjoying the city of Lisbon, or who simply seek a paradigmatic shift.

Projects in the categories of photography, video, sound and film are the ones who benefit most from the existing spaces which include in addition to the workspace: a photo lab, an editing room and access to a soundproof room for sound pickup.

The group of artists and partnerships supporting the residences are professionals in these areas. The residency makes use of a wide, empty open space, also ideal for artists in the performance area. For those in residence and who wish to participate, there is an optional day at Open Studio, where their work can be shared and discussed with other artists or the general public.


The way to apply for residencies is via spontaneous application, which is subject to analysis and approval. The application is assessed in terms of feasibility according to the what the artist wishes to achieve.

Usually, residencies can last anywhere between 1 and 5 weeks, and in some specific cases, depending on the nature of the artistic project at hand, may last up to three months. The artist must provide for her / his residency funding and individual employment / health insurance.


Whilst in residency, there are administrative, technical and artistic groups, who provide information and support, should it be required. It is also available to help clarify application procedures for grants or funding. Information about the living quarters is also supplied, depending on the artists choice.


Workshop areas are equipped with desks and chairs. Internet is available 24 hours. The 22Atelier can provide some equipment for studio and multimedia, which must be specified by the artist during the application process.


22Atelier is located in the cosmopolitan center of Lisbon in the traditional neighborhood of Arroios, among the gardens Campo Mártires da Pátria, Torel and Constantino, home to a growing artistic community, and boasting a diverse and interesting array of local businesses to explore. Access: Metro (Anjos or Arroios) and buses 706 and 712.